WP-250E2 “waterpik” 精致型水牙線 “waterpik” Desktop Water Flosser

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"waterpik" 精致型水牙線
"waterpik" Desktop Water Flosser

Pressure Range: 10 To 80 PSI (0.703 To 6.320 Kg/Cm2)
Flow Rate Per Minute: 13 Ounces (400 ML)
Pulses Per Minute: 1400
Number Of Pressure Settings: 3
Included Flosser Tips: 4
Water On/Off Switch On Handle: No
Chrome Accents: No
Rotating Tip: No
Travel Bag: Yes
Advanced Functions
Timer/Pacer: No
Massage Mode: No
LED Function Indicator: No
Capacity: 15 Ounces (450 ML)
Capacity In Seconds: 60
Covered: No
Medicament Reservoir Included: No
Size and Weight
Height (With Tip/Brush): 6.80 Inches (17.27 Cm)
Max Width (Base): 5.40 Inches (13.72 Cm)
Max Depth (Base): 4.40 Inches (11.18 Cm)
Unit Weight: 0.99 Lbs (0.447 Kg)
Shipping Weight: 1.70 Lbs (0.770 Kg)
Power and Warranty
Voltage: Global Voltage; 100 - 240VAC, 60/50Hz
Warranty: 24 Months

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