“Schuelke” Microshield 5 浸儀器/洗傷口用 5 Litre

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"Schuelke" Microshield 5
"Schuelke" Microshield 5
成份:5% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Equivalent to Chlorhexidine 28.1g/L(粉紅色)-浸儀器/洗傷口用

Application areas
Pre and post-operative skin preparation
Umbilical cord disinfection

Instructions for use
Concentrate must be diluted.
DILUTION: Add 100ml of product to 150ml of distilled water and make up to IL with ethanol (96%).

For pre and post-operative skin preparation and for umbilical cord disinfection:
Dilute as above. Wet swab and apply to affected area for 2 minutes. Allow to dry.

Antiseptic solutions should be freshly prepared and discarded after use.

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