“HARTMANN” Hospicrepe (5cmx4,5m), P12

"HARTMANN" Hospicrepe (5cmx4,5m), P12
Paul Hartmann products 赫曼產
100% cotton crepe bandage, for light support and fixation Hospicrepe® is a white, textile elastic cotton crepe bandage that provides light support, type 2 according to BS 7505:1995. The bandage has elasticity of approx. 110 % for Hospicrepe® 233 and 120 % for Hospicrepe® 239. The crepe character is achieved by highly twisted 100 % cotton yarn in the weft and non-elastic yarn in the warp. The bandage may be washed and sterilised. 100 % cotton, bleached

Paul Hartmann products 赫曼產

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